Can Science and Religion Be Reconciled?

All of the world”s great religious traditions have long histories, some dating back to the greatest antiquity. Even the most recent, Islam, dates to the 700s CE. With the advent of modern science through the Enlightenment and Age of Reason the onslaught of modernism brought these two great domains of human endeavor into conflict. That conflict continues to this day resulting in prevalent forms of irrationalism that are completely at odds both with ancient approaches to spirituality and the best of what modern science offers as relative truth statements regarding the natural world.

These domains can be reconciled. The process of discovery, according to principles of sound reason, has always been operative in human life. In ancient times these principles were directed inward but were no more the attributes of the every day person then, than the principles and understandings of the natural world through the lens of modern science is an attribute of the every day person now.

The process is the reconciliation, not the domain of its application.