Introductory Readings

A Simple Explanation of Work Ideas.


Gurdjieff’s literary legacy is contained in three series of writings under the common title of All and Everything, An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man.

The First Series is subtitled “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.”
The Second Series is subtitled “Meetings With Remarkable Men.”
The Third Series entitled “Life is real only then, when, ‘I Am.'”


P.D. Ouspensky’s book In Search of the Miraculous is considered the most concise and authentic explication and introduction to Gurdjieff’s ideas and early teaching life.



Dr. Maurice Nicoll’s Psychological Commentaries is an excellent companion to Gurdjieff’s own writings.  Dr. Nicoll’s brief title, A Simple Explanation of Work Ideas, is offered here for those exploring the Fourth Way at an introductory level.  For a PDF version of this text with diagrams, click here:  Nicoll-Simple