the core of the practice

Gurdjieff’s teaching is referred to as “the work”, and is specifically designed for contemporary living and understanding. The work has been transmitted by students establishing centers of practice around the globe, through oral tradition and practice in diverse forms, according to their best understanding of the individual members’ current states and needs.

Work activities include practical efforts in one’s daily life, meditation and quiet contemplation, as well as readings and regular exchange with fellow seekers. We also practice special forms of dances and movement exercises, as well as art, music, crafts, and writing. We work to bring the focused practice of mindful presence as we move through our lives: laboring, cooking, gardening, eating, building, traveling, helping others.

The Gurdjieff work is a sort of practical mysticism, and mystical pragmatism: spiritual effort and understanding in the midst of life, through attention to body, breath, emotions and thoughts. It is carefully designed, disciplined, non-religious spiritual work. Nothing is given, or taken, on faith; all is verified through experience.

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